Sounds Systems

<p>All of our acoustic systems for your needs.</p>

If you have a special need to play a sound or a message, in our range of sound systems you can find the solution to your problems.

Indeed, we have increased the number of possible solutions that can be realized by us thanks to our sound systems to try to offer a solution to your needs, they are a sales pitch, audio messages, warnings, regulations, attraction, background music, or any other your needs.

Our new audio player systems have been developed for optimum reliability and audio are available for various operating systems such as:

Pulse - Pulse interrupt - Direct - Direct power - Pulse Start / Stop - Direct power on 1st Mesage

 So if you want a sound to your subject, you can use our Trombetta with various embedded messages (which can be stored to customer specification), or if you also want the output lights our MACH6 system. Our MACH4 also in addition to play 4 different messages of a maximum length of 1 minute each and have 2 light falls, is also equipped with an extra effect to be connected to the subject of your button to give more interactivity to the child. If you need to play back messages by either warning or Regulation we thought our 4X4, a device that has 4 sound files linked and activated by 4 different buttons, so you just have to decide what to listen to. In these systems, the audio files are stored on a flash memory, which can be reprogrammed at our office.

Finally for the biggest attractions we thought the device with SDCard. On this type of system are stored up to 16 different messages, the total duration is directly related to the size of the memory that is used, and can be used with a special keyboard (each a different sound active button) or Carousel mode (is activated in automatically when the device is powered and plays all the 16 files in succession until it is powered)

LED Light Controller For Dodgem and Mini Dodgem01/01/2019
LED Light Controller For Dodgem and Mini Dodgem

LED Light Controller For Dodgmen and Mini Dodgem

We have changed the design.....01/05/2017
We have changed the design.....

Exhibitor with 7-Segments LED

Sounds Systems12/12/2016
Sounds Systems

All of our acoustic systems for your needs.

The new Square Ticket is here !!!03/11/2016
The new Square Ticket is here !!!

Finally the new square plastic ticket is available !!!

New Panel Prices - Printed in Full Color07/07/2014
New Panel Prices - Printed in Full Color

New Panel Prices, Printed in Full Color!!

Digital RGB LED01/05/2014
Digital RGB LED

Multi-colored LED governed by an electronic control unit

New Complete Flat Cabochon01/01/2014
New Complete Flat Cabochon

Our new Cabochon, realized with integrated circuit within the plastic.