the company

Established in 1967 and based at Reggio Emilia, EBES specialises its production in primarily 2 sectors, namely, INDUSTRIAL (acoustic and luminous signallers, flashlights, safety lights, moulded plastics, coin acceptors and validators and revolving gates) and AMUSEMENT (products for use in funfairs, amusement parks, FEC's , amusement arcades and water parks). Striving continuously to find new solutions in order to provide a product with superior reliability and longevity, EBES offers tailor made or 'off-the-shelf' solutions.

our philosophy...

... is to provide a competitively priced high-end product, using only the best materials made by a highly skilled artisan workforce.

Our products are designed and manufactured by us to try to meet the various needs of our customers. The birth of a new product starts from the sketch of an idea and results in the creation of a 3D model. Follows and modular -realizing the various molds of plastic parts that compose it-.
Once the design is finished, the new product is manufactured according to our policy of safety and quality in China and again tested by us back in Italy.

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This is our main website, where you can find the whole list of our products, but if you are looking for something more detailed you can also visit our related websites