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Plastic chip, Type I model, made of shock-resistant and non-toxic ABS material, size 25 mm outer diameter and 8 mm inner diameter, available in various colors in packs of 5 kg minimal incision without impression, or customized by stamping.
The printing can be done on one side or on both using two different matrices or the same, depending on the need. 
For the realization of the writing you can use two types of tape: normal (the chip is printed using a color ribbon only), or multicolor (for the impression you use a tape with multi color metallic effect in the same letter or drawing can be have in a totally random several facets of color)

Attention: This product can be sold only to operators in the sector amusement parks, owners of dodgem or mini dodgem, turnstiles, token shower timer and similar items.

Printing can be done: 
Cod L1: single-sided printing / lettering normal tape 
Cod L1 M1: single-sided printing / multicolor lettering tape 
Cod L2: 2-sided print / lettering normal tape 
Cod L2 M1: 2-sided printing / 1 side lettering tape normal, 2nd side lettering tape multicolor 
Cod L2 M2: 2-sided printing / multicolor lettering tape

Colors (Normally Available in Stock):

No. 3 = Fluorescent Yellow

No. 6 = Fuchsia

No. 7 = Orange Glow

No. 8 = Violet Pearl

No. 10 = Red

No. 11 = Blue

No. 12 = Blue Pearl

No. 14 = Green Fluorescent

No. 15 = Green

No. 17 = Black

Colors On Request:

No. 1 = White

No. 6 = Light Blue

No. 18 = Pastel Yellow

In the image folder you will find a demo picture of the colors available or that can be made.

Attention: the colors displayed on your computer may vary from reality, that image is the demonstration purposes only and does not represent a constraint on the EBES s.r.l.

  • Color Chart
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