Timer with issue of Ticket and Automatic Calculation of the Price


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This model is used for customer management in attractions where the price is directly proportional to the time spent inside the structure.

flexible system and adaptable to different needs thanks to the possibility of programming dedicated with different ways of working management.

Enables up to 252 customers at the same time, upon activation issue a ticket on which it is reported, the date, time and reference number. When the customer will visit the exit you can type the reference number for the price that the customer will have to pay according to the time and to set the rate.

You can also print a counting-term ticket indicating all the various data. (Input / output ...)

Note that the ticket issued is not fiscal.

- 252 postings to Be managed at the same time 
- 4 Different operators that are Activated with Password 
- Programming Menu protect with password. 
- 2 Different managements of Job: Hourly (Rate calculated in base to the departed time) and Advance (where is possible to manage 4 different lists with 32 different rates every) 
- Printer Incorporated 
- Double Display. 
- Key Switch and Power Switch 
- Inside battery. 
- LED for signaling that the device is powered ON