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Model with identical size of Lampolux, provided with LED lamp; the best combi- nation of tradition and technology, leverages the features of high efficiency, resistance to shock and vibration, low power and long life LED lamps with the standard casing quality of the Lam- polux. The LED lamp, which has been specifically designed by Ebes to exploit the diffusion cha- racteristics of the fresnel lens dome, is made in various colors to be coupled to the cap of the Lampolux. It is ideal for industrial use and continuous.

Flasher made with 3 LED lamps model LEOTWG-15SMD in different colors and depending on the color of the flashlight reflector itself, this to get a better light yield of more compact size compared to Maxilux. The dome made in the Fresnel lens allows a greater visibility of the light in the horizontal plane, at a considerable distance. In the immediate vicinity, and a view from the front, the light is focused on a narrow vertical strip and placed in height throu- ghout the flasher, which allows an optical effect of considerable appeal. Built in methacrylate and base in Ny, as the whole range Ebes to guarantee strength and durability over time even the color, for the UV resistance. This model is made with protection degree IP53 in order to have good protection against contact with external solid bodies and against access to dange- rous parts (enclosure protected against solid objects greater than 1mm and against access with a thin wire) and enclosure protected against the rain. Designed, engineered and manufactured in Italy. The LED lamp is made on our design in the PRC. 

  1. Luminous signaler, fixed light not blinking or flashing light, with LED lamps - Arranged with cable for connection.

  2. Structure: Base in Nylon 6 Self-extinguishing - Shell in methacrylate

  3. Operating voltage: 12Vac/dc - 24Vac/dc

  4. Power consumption: 90mA

  5. Signal: Light Fixed or Flashing Light available

  6. Degree of protection: IP53

  7. Maximum dimensions: 110mm Base * Height 137mm

  8. Weight: 350g

  9. Manufacturer of plastic parts: EBES s.r.l.

  10. Manufacturer of lamps: EBES s.r.l.

  11. Color of lamps used:

    1. Yellow cap = Lamp LED Cool White

    2. Orange cap = Warm White LED Bulbs

    3. Red cap = Lamp LED Red

    4. Blue cap = Blue LED Bulbs

    5. Green cap = Green LED Bulbs

    6. Transparent cap = Lamp LED Cool White 

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