Free Ride Board - 2013 Vesrion


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Electronic panel that allows to casually decide the number of the car that wins a free turn.
It's endowed with a bright display to LED in a box in steel Inox, visible from far that the number of the winning car points out, the numbers will casually follow it for all through the run for then to stay, and making to flash the winning number, at the end of this last.
Furnished with buzzer buz to confirm win.
Buttons to program the number of the cars with buttons for about ten and unity for a maximum (in the standard version) of 39 cars.
Control board with small display for programming reading.
Watch it working

Lenght:320 x 400 x 140
Voltage: 230V
Lenght cord:5 Mt

Size:435 x 310 x 50
Heigth of numbers 240 mm
Lenght of cord:18 Mt

Size:200 x 130 x 50
Lenght of cord:4 Mt

  • Free Ride Board - 2013 Vesrion
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