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Of size and envelope characteristics equal to those of the microlux, it is equipped with an LED lamp specially designed for this detector. It can be made with multi-voltage and multi-function circuit suitable for meeting different types of product with a single solution. It can be used in any case where there is shock absorption and vibration in the enclosed content of the signaliser, a reduction in consumption in case the signal is continuous, or if the bulb replacement is not easy. The LED lamp life is about 30000 hours.

It can be used on any platform where a bulb containing the continuous vibration to the bulk of the signal is a thing that LEDs make unlike the incandescent lamps.

MICROLUX-F:Fixed Light
MICROLUX-L:Beacon Light
MICROLUX-F/L:Fixed Light and / or Beacon Light

Service: continuos

Lamp used:LEOTWG-15SMD of the same color of the Cover
IP :IP 53, or request IP 55 or IP67
Flashing Frequency:60-100 per minute
Temperatura lavoro:-20 +50 °C.

Weight:110 g.
Voltage Availbe: 24Vac-dc - 30/60Vac-dc - 400Vac

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