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Flash lamp with incandescent lamp, driven by electronic card, adjustable and of limited size in comparison to the Maxilux, with the intensity of its flash being greater at equal power.
The light flash is more visible at a horizontal level, from a considerable distance thanks to the Fresnel lens cap.
Close up and seen from the front, the light is concentrated in a narrow vertical strip over the whole height of the flash lamp, creating a remarkable optical effect.
made of metacrylate and the base of self-extinguishing nylon, like all the Ebes range, in guarantee of the solidity and length of life, even of the colour, for its resistance to the UV rays.

Models available:
LAMPOLUX-F:Steady Light
LAMPOLUX-L:Flashing Light
LAMPOLUX-F/L:Steady and/or Flashing Light
LAMPOFLASH:Flashing Light (By Xenon Lamp)

Depliant Lampoflash

Lamp:ba15s (12 or 24 or 48 v) E14 (115 o 230 V) , xenon 4 W/sec. By Lampoflash Model
Protection :IP 53, on request IP 55

Flashing Frequency:adjustable 30-180 per minute
Operating T:-20 +50°C.
Structure:Self-extinguishing Nylon
Weight:325 g.
With Magnetic Base:650 g.

Voltage available (on selected model):12Vac-dc - 24Vac-dc - 48Vac-dc - 115Vac - 230Vac

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