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This model has the same dimensions as the Lampolux, has a Xenon lamp and unites the diffusion characteristics of the Fresnel lens cap with the high intensity strong flash of the Xenon emitted in a very short time.
It is certainly the most sophisticated product of the Ebes production, both for its optical effect and luminous performance.
The Xenon tube lamp keeps its intensity intact for about 1.000.000 flashes and does not burn, like the incandescent lamp, wearing down little at a time at every cycle until it runs out.
It is ideal (supplied also in the IP66 watertight version) for civil and industrial alarms, including outside.
A special multivoltage version is made for battery-powered handling vehicles (forklift trucks, lorries, tractors,etc.)

Models available:
LAMPOLUX-F:Steady Light
LAMPOLUX-L:Flashing Light
LAMPOLUX-F/L:Steady and/or Flashing Light
LAMPOFLASH:Flashing Light (By Xenon Lamp)
Depliant Lampoflash

Lamp: xenon 4 W/sec. Lampoflash model
Protection :IP 53, on request IP 55

Flashing Frequency:adjustable from 30 to 180 per minute
Operating Temperature:-20 +50°C.

Structure:Self-extinguishing Nylon
Weight:325 g.
With Magnetic Base:650 g.
Operating Voltage:da 12V a 96 Vcc, o da 12V a 60 Vca
Lamp Power: 2W/se
Voltage Available (on selected model):12Vac-dc - 12/24Vdc - 24Vac-dc - 36Vdc - 48Vac-dc - 48/90Vdc - 70Vdc - 115Vac - 230Vac

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