Automatic Token Dispenser - Stand Alone


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Entirely made of stainless steel welded and polished. Suitable for outdoor use.
Column for fixing to the ground.
Simple and intuitive front panel for easy use.
Information display, button to activate the dispensing of coins, banknotes and coin acceptor, coin recovery tank.
Sliding front panel for facilitate maintenance and filling chips.
Separate boxes recovered coins and banknotes.
Money box door with security locks.

Width: 417 mm
Height: 1490 mm
Depth: 430 mm
Weight (Without Chips): Kg 75
* Electronic Programming Via Keyboard With Password Of Identification
* 4 Diversified Managements

* 4 Programs Of Prices Customisable
* Zero Resetting Data
* Recording Data On Pc Or Printer
* Signaling Empty Unit
* Power Supply 230 Vac - 130Vac on Demand
* Notes Acceptor

* Electronic Coin acceptor
* Gettoniera Elettronica Programmabile
Note Well Always Specify the Type of Plastics Tickets when ordering

  • Automatic Token Dispenser - Stand Alone
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