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This model with the shape and dimension of Maxilux supplied with Xenon lamp, unites the diffusion characteristics of the BILUX cap with the strong flash of the Xenon lamp, high intensity flash emitted in a very short time.
The entire range is characterised by superior quality materials. The luminosity strongly marked by the characteristic double "BILUX" reflection, given by the prismatisations created by the manufacturer's research, meets the clients' sophisticated requirements with the models of different power with high luminosity yield. Smooth caps and the parabolas for the single-direction flash lamps are available upon request.
The problem of the short life of the lamps in the presence of vibration has been resolved also for Maxilux, with the anti-shock system supplied upon request: with vibration dampings in template drilling.

Model available:
MAXIFLASH:Flashing Light (with Xenon Lamp)

MAXILUX-L/BIM:Flashing Light with bimetallic intermittence

Depliant Maxiflash

Lamp: a U da 4 W/sec. (Xenon)
Lamp Power:25/60W
Protection :IP 53, on request IP 55
Flashing Frequency:0-180 per minute

Operating Temperature:-20 +50°C.
Structure:Self-extinguishing Nylon
Weight:325 g.
With Magnetic Base:650 g.
MAXIFLASH BIMETALLICO:Flashing Light with Bimetallic Intermittence

Operating Voltage:from 12V to 96 Vcc, or from 12V to 60 Vca
Power Lamp: 2W/sec