MINIBIP 22 mod. R


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Product of the serious Ebes for acoustic-bright signaling of alarm, for use in various civil and industrial environments, recommended where present noisiness are not leading excessive.
Intermittent acoustic and luminous advisor with piezoelectric capsule beeper, with 73dB sonorous, driven by an electronic circuit.
Realized in vetronite, reliable in the time, it has dimension contained, for synoptic panel assemblage or in push-button panel with perforation diameter 22.
Endowed with bright LED of recognition with view to ample ray, profit in the case to have to individualize the alarm among more placed side by side installed instruments.

Depliant Minibip

MINIBIP 22 mods. R : Continuous sound, intermittent, continuous intermittent e/o
Service: Not continuous
Regulation power: no
sonorous Power :73-78 dB 1 m
Degree of protection : IP30 to in demand IP55

Working Temperature:-20 +50°C
Structure:Self Extinguishing Nylon

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