BUZ 30 C


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The BUZ 30 signaller is characterised by its considerable sound power (95dB average at 1 mt) it gives out in comparison to the majority of similar products.
The protection level (IP55) given from the immersion of the electronic components in resin, enable them to be installed in any type of environment. The piezoelectric membrane can operate under difficult conditions and for a long time, the electronic driver circuit is protected (in the polarised version Dc) against wiring errors so that the signaller cannot be damaged.
The structure is in Nylon+Fiberglass with reduced tolerancefastening nut and thread with progreassive expansion to enure secure fastening and without auxiliary components in the apparatus with consisten vibrations.
The signallers can be different, steady, intermittent and steady-intermittent, the latter also having different times for sound pauses.
The sound frequency is from 2.600 to 3.000 Hz.

BUZ 30:Sound: continuos, intermittent, continuos and/or intermittent
Power Adjusting:no
Sound Power:93-98 at dB 1 m
Protection: IP55
Operating Temperature:-20 +50°C


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