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Model studied for the applications of acoustic-luminous mixed signaling with a dominant characteristic on the possibilities of choice of the available sounds.
The blinker can be divesified with the choice of the colors of the cap.
The Sirlux as the Microlux R and C allows the double call, with prevalence of that acoustic, gives the elevated power in dB.
The different colorations of the luminous cap allow the distinction among the different models that work if mounted side by side.
With the 7 combinations possible sound color it succeeds in creating different possibilities of call, united to the personalizations with the vocal synthesis limit doesn't exist.
The available sounds are mono-tonal, bi-tonal H and L (American and French), progressive, intermittent and vocal synthesis.
Available with trimmer to regulate the volume.
Available Models
SIRLUX-P/L: Sound pluri-tonal flashing Light
SIRLUX-P/F: Sound pluri-tonal fixed Light
SIRLUX-PF/L: Sound pluri-tonal fixed Light and / or flashing
SIRLUX PLURI-TONALE :3 different types of siren selectables with dip-switch or PLC
Signal Bright Service: Continuous
Lamps of series: e10 3W
Frequency flashes :60-100 to the minute
Structure :Nylon

Cap : metacrylate
Sounds (selectables); 1 Sinusoidale with variation in frequency; 2 button to 2 tones; 3 button to 1 varying tone in frequency
Regulation: accessible to the outside

Sonorous Power :95 dB 1 m
Degree of protection : IP40
Wprking Temperature :-20 +50°C
Absorbed Power: Max 15VA
Weight:700g 12-24-48V 1100g 115-230V
Tensions: 12Vac-dc 24Vac-dc 48Vac-dc 115Vac 230Vac

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