LED LAMP - 9 LEDs SMD5050 3 chips - ATTACK G4


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Made with 9 LED SMD 5050 high power.
Designed to have a uniform light of 180 ° on the horizontal plane.
Excellent viewing angle.
Lamp stabilized to resist power surges, the integrated used enables it to withstand voltage variations in a working range between 9 ~ 30V.
Lamp made in ac current to overcome problems related to the polarity in existing systems operating in continuous current (RV).
The excellent value for money and the light output compared to low consumption make Bipin-9HP3 the ideal product for Replacing lamps G4.
Perfectly interchangeable with the common incandescence lamps, in comparison to these it boasts a notably inferior consumption (around 80% in less than consumption), a notable duration (the medium life of a LED is of about 30.000 hours), they don't heat and they have a great resistance to the bumps and the vibrations.
Diameter: 30mmm
Height: 36mm

Colors Available:
Warm White, Cold White, Blue

  • LED LAMP - 9 LEDs SMD5050 3 chips - ATTACK G4
  • LED LAMP - 9 LEDs SMD5050 3 chips - ATTACK G4
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