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Luminous and Acoustic signaller with Flashing Light and Buzzer 70dB - Made with Incandescent lamp, with single command operates 24Vac ~ dc.

Flashing light with very small size for purpose of signaling devices , shell available in 7 different colors. The body of MICROLED is self-extinguishing nylon material that in addition to the known characteristics of mechanical strength has those electrical safety and high resi- stance in corrosive environments and weather conditions. The shell in the methacrylic resin of high quality ensures a good resistance in corrosive environments and maintains unaltered for a long period of their color even if installed in outdoor environments. The pleasant and functional form of the shell has some facets that provide excellent luminous efficiency and good resistance to impact, it’s fixed to the base with stainless steel screws . The MICROLED-CL is equipped with a terminal on the electronic circuit, which must be properly connected to the power source to obtain the dual function of flashing and buzzer. LED lamp with T10 Wedge-attack with 15 SMD LEDs specially made for this product to obtain uniformity of light on all sides. This model is made with IP65 degree of protection to have a good protection against dust (totally protected enclosure against dust and against access with a wire) and water (housing protected against water jets). Designed, developed and manufactured in Italy

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  1. Luminous and Acoustic signaler with Flashing Light and Buzzer 70dB With Elec- tronic Circuit - Supplied with number 1 LED Lamp 24Vac/dc type Wt1 LEOTW- G15SMD — Arranged with terminal for connection.

  2. Shell: Made of acrylic - Available in 7 different colors.

  3. Base: Made from C/Lame Retardant Nylon 6 Grey 3412 7035

  4. Electronic Circuit C/Lashing: EB 3425

  5. Lamp: Wedge Wt1 24VAC LEOTWG-15SMD

  6. Working voltage: 24VAC/DC

  7. Power consumption: 70mA

  8. Blink Frequency: 1@sec

  9. Degree of Protection: IP65

  10. Maximum amount of space: Ø85mm Base - Height: 93mm

  11. Weight: 170g

  12. Producer of the cap and the plastic part: EBES S.R.L.

  13. Producer of the circuit: EBES S.R.L. 

  • Cap Color