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This model has the same dimensions as the Maxilux, has a flashing light with bimetallic intermittencecon.
Smooth caps and the parabolas for the single-direction flash lamps are available upon request.
The problem of the short life of the lamps in the presence of vibration has been resolved also for Maxilux, with the anti-shock system supplied upon request: with vibration dampings in template drilling, and transformer feeding the 24V lamp (in the 115V and 230V version).

Model available:
MAXILUX-L/BIM:Flashing Light with bimetallic intermittence

Depliant Maxiflash

Service:not continuos, intermittence (30%)

Lamp: ba15s 24V
Lamp Power:5W
Protection :IP 53
Flashing Frequency:60-120 per minute

Operating Temperature:-20 +50°C.
Structure:Self-extinguishing Nylon
Weight:560 g.
With Magnetic Base:870 g.

Voltage: 24Vac-dc

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