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Of dimensions and equal characteristics of the cover to those of the standard Microlux, the Microlux with Buzzer besides the bright signal sends forth an acoustic signal.
Usable in every case where to a contained encumbrance of the bright signaller at the same time an acoustic signal is needed.

Model available:
MICROLUX-R/F : fixed light with continuous sound
MICROLUX-R/L : flashing light with intermittent sound
MICROLUX-R/F-L : fixed light flashing and/or with continuous sound and/or intermittent
MICROLUX-R/F-the : fixed light with continuous sound with independent pilotage

Service: continuous
Used lamps :Wt1 3W, Ba15s, E14 from 5 to 60W.
Degree of protection : IP 53, to in demand IP 55

Frequency flashes :60-100 to the minute
Sonorous Level: 70-75dB to 1m

Working temperature:-20 +50 °C.
Weight:140 g.

Available Voltage (on selected models): 12Vac-dc - 24Vac-dc - 48Vac-dc - 115Vac - 230Vac