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The dimensions and characterisitics of its casing are the same as those of the Standard Microlux, the Microlux with Musical Beeper has the double signal, the luminous and a high intensity acoustic signal.
The Microulx CM is the ideal product for all the application where at a small luminous signaller there is the needs of an acoustic signal.

Version available:
MICROLUX-CM/F:Steady light with continuos sound
MICROLUX-CM/L:flashing light with continuos sound

Depliant Microflash

Lamp:Wt1 3W, Ba15s, E14 da 5 a 60W.
Grado di protection :IP 53, on request IP 55
Flashing Frequency:60-100 per minute
Sound Level:70-75dB at 1m

Livello sonoro: 70-73dB a 1 m con cicalino musicale

Tensioni disponibili (su modelli selezionati): 12Vac-dc - 24Vac-dc