3-Channel LED Light Management unit - SEL2044/IFT-PO-3C-30/130VDC


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3-Channel LED Light Management unit with effect: intermittency-fixed-FILP/FLOP AND TILT - Total Load 2a - Input 30~130VDC - Output 24VDC, for midi dodgem car “fire truck” - channel Nr 2 always flashing (dip #2 on)

With the Dodgem car stationary with track power and NO token inserted, the lamp channel Nr2 will always be functioning with a flashing effect, while the lamp channels Nr1 and Nr3 will turn off. When the token is inserted, the Nr3 channel will change to a fixed light, pressing the pedal the channel Nr1 will switch on with a fixed light. The Nr2 lamp channel will always work in flashing mode. If the Tilt (channel NR4) is connected to the special sensor when the car with the coin inserted will be bumped you will have the appropriate effect.