3-Channel LED Light Management unit - SEL2043/IFT-3C-55/130VDC


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3-Channel LED Light Management unit with effect: intermittency-fixed-FILP/FLOP AND TILT - Total Load 2a - Input 55~130VDC - Output 48VDC

The light output channels NR2 and NR3 can operate differently depending on the position of the Dip-Switch, please refer to the table below for any specifications. With the car stopped with power on the track and not inserted chip, the NR2 and NR3 lamp channels will be functioning with flashing effect, while the NR1 lamp channel will be turned off. When inserting the coin, the channels NR2 and NR3 will change in fixed light, pressing the pedal the NR1 channel lights up with a steady light. If the Tilt (channel NR4) is connected to the special sensor when the car with the coin inserted will be bumped you will have the appropriate effect.

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